Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327
Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327
Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327
Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327
Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327

Meural Canvas II – Smart Digital Frame - MC321/MC327

Large item - FREE Scheduled Delivery

Meural Canvas
● FREE - Swivel Mount (valued at $480).

● FREE - 3-Year Meural Membership (valued at $1650).
● FREE - Extend to 3-Year Local Warranty (※Registration is required).

【Meural Canvas II】
● FREE - Swivel Mount (valued at $480).

● With TrueArt technology, you can see each and every brush stroke.
● It's easy to upload your own images.
● With three styles to choose from, the Canvas can augment any interior.
● Three ways to control: the wave of your hand, our app, and our online dashboard.
● Each frame is crafted from sustainably sourced American hardwood.
● Hang in vertical or horizontal—the frame automatically detects its orientation.

Meural Canvas II - 21" 智能藝術畫框

Decorate your home with lifelike artwork

Using the Digital Canvas from Meural. Featuring a IPS/AHVA Lcd digital display with high-definition 1920 x 1080 resolution and utilizing specialized TrueArt technology, the Winslow lets you display art so true to the original it's like looking at the real thing.

Canvas includes a small sampler collection of 96 images that comprise Meural's top works. A full Meural membership, which lets you access hundreds of galleries, photos, and pieces of art, is also available as a separate purchase.

Simply connect to the Meural network via Wi-Fi to get access to Meural's extensive art library. You can also upload your own work and put it on display.

Equipped with 8GB of built-in storage, so you can save artwork locally. Artwork can be changed using the website, free companion app, or even simply gesture controls.

An FSC-certified American Wood frame. Hardware needed to install is included with the canvas, as is a level and cleaning cloth. 

Meural Canvas II - 21" 智能藝術畫框

Elevate your art

A wall of inspiration—our original digital canvas delivers state-of-the-art tech, premium design, and a passion for art discovery to your wall.

Imagine your best photos, at their best.

Patented TrueArt Technology, anti-glare matte display, and ambient light sensor—which automatically adjusts to match your room and puts the Canvas to sleep when dark—bring every brushstroke to life.

Designed to fit seamlessly into your home. With premium handcrafted frames, our flagship Meural Canvas is available in two frame styles (Leonora and Winslow) and three colors.

Meural Canvas II - 21" 智能藝術畫框

Control from anywhere

With the Meural app (available for iOS and Android), you can discover art and control your Canvas on the go.

Change art with a wave of your hand or the sound of your voice

Browsing and learning about art has never been easier with Meural’s gesture controls or any Amazon Alexa device.

Hang in horizontal or vertical

It’s easy to switch with the Swivel Mount, and the Canvas automatically detects its orientation.

Personalize your Canvas 

Schedule when your Canvas showcases your photos or art library favorites. The settings are endless—customize light sensitivity, image/playlist shuffle, and more.

Showcase your own work

It takes seconds to upload, crop, and filter your own images.

Meural Canvas II - 21" 智能藝術畫框

A wall of inspiration.

Make a statement, in a whole new way, by bringing the world of art to your wall and displaying what's distinctly you. Curate your wall by style, season, time of day, or even your mood.

Meural Canvas II - 21" 智能藝術畫框

A gallery in any space.

Old art, new art, and everything in between; Meural brings 30,000+ works to your wall. Meural Members make the most of their Canvas.

Meural Members:get the most out of their Canvas

Access a dynamic library of 30,000+ artworks
Members have access to a revolving collection of artworks, ranging from classic to contemporary.

Priority viewing of all new art
Members can enjoy all the latest art added to the library, before it’s made available for purchase.

Exclusive discounts and special offers
Get the best in art and photography for half the price.

*$69.95 annual Meural Membership (sold separately).